To convey the vision of fervent culturally inclined Mughal rulers into the realms of real beauty and craftsmanship, imperial ateliers called ‘Royal Karkhanaas’ were established. These artisans not only redefined the art of embellishment to introduce new magnitudes to it but also played a major role in the entire cultural renaissance. Ateliers of those golden times resided most endowed designers, artisans, architects and artists. Any exquisite work used to be the artifact of these Karkhanaas solitarily. P.C. Totuka & Sons too, drawing its inspiration for them, endeavors to delve into the true dominion of design and keep bringing the best of the adornments for its aficionados.


Having a fabled and enriching history, the art of jewelry-making always has been the most important markers of creative expression in Indian socio-cultural milieu. Such is the scope of this genre that it draws influence from the diversity of our rural as well as regal traditions. A plethora of processes, materials and techniques exist in this fashionably-rich and beatifically opulent country. Even the vast assortment of visual vocabulary containing deeply allegoric contexts when gets layered into a jewelry piece, results in an adornment of profound ornamentation art. P.C. Totuka & Sons upholds a holistic perspective of this craftsmanship, where it carries forward the aesthetic style bequeathed to us by our glorious past while also constantly experimenting with this unified craft technique.


Inimitable vintage designs harmonize with novelty to emit pure essence of classic magnetism filled with countless reflections of beauty, grace and regal enchant. Our intricate knowledge of contemporary art has been preserved as heritage and passed onto the generations as legacy. Art of jewelry for us does not concern creation of new designs solely, it is about understanding distinguished patrons and connecting with the enigmatic radiance of their emotions. P.C. Totuka & Sons constantly refines its approach towards artistic concepts and rich jewelry designs. We have carried the mantle of classic jewelry and at the same time we have developed our design sense through research and knowledge sharing to create diverse, modern, serene and captivating designs that infuse modernism into class seamlessly and give you a bouquet of choices that would get your soul to 'bloom'.